Strokes More Common in Younger People

strokeA report in the journal Neurology reveals that stroke rates among white males aged 20-55 has almost doubled in the past twenty years. Though the report doesn’t specify a clear cause, most speculate that the reason for this sudden spike is the more at-risk lifestyle lead by young Americans.

Risk factors for strokes include obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure, which are growing problems all across the United States. Symptoms can include mild blurry vision, slight weakness and numbness. Though many are quick to point out that prior to 1993 and the rise of MRI usage, doctors might not have associated these symptoms with strokes. The study was based on nearly 5,900 Ohio and Kentucky adults who suffered a first-time stroke between 1993 and 2005. (more…)

Could Facebook Help Fight STDs?

facebookWhat if you could log into Facebook and receive a message that one of your friends was just diagnosed with HIV and you might be at risk?

It might sound strange, but this is actually a real idea, based on new research. It’s a bit like six degrees of separation. Chances are, if you slept with someone, that someone might have slept with one of your friends as well. Researchers like Peter Leone, a professor of medicine at the University of North Carolina’s Center for Infectious Diseases, believes that using social networks we can better track and monitor outbreaks of sexual transmitted infections.


Your Home’s Location and Your Health

healthy-heart1Who would have thought that your home can say a lot in your health? Weight issues depend on a lot of factors to a person’s life. First the habits of eating can start young and may or may not stay for the rest of the person’s life. With diet in relation to the location of your home, your diet can sometimes depend on what accessible source of food you have. If you live in condo unit and have a lifestyle of every thing fast and convenient, you might choose food that will be more convenient for you, with or without regard to you health. That is why people who are too much busy may sometimes grab a sugar donuts and soft drinks without regard to fruits or vegetables. But if you are the type who are really conscious about your health, there are many ways to have the “ideal” diet for you. You can have more space to grow your own vegetables and fruits, or may have more access to stores that will cater to your eating preferences. (more…)

How to Be Careful with Exercise

gym-exercise-995x1024Most think that exercise is the way to loose the unwanted pounds. This kind of thinking can get so many people exercising too hard, too much and too fast that they tend to forget that the main things that we have to watch when losing the pounds is the things we eat. So diet is the most important thing to think about when you want to lose excess weight. Exercise is the compliment to it, a way to develop the muscles needed for a better looking body or faster weight loss. Many studies will show that the more working the muscles are, the better and more efficient are the use of the calories in the body. (more…)

The Need of Medical Workers Increase as Elderly Health Care Rise

social-worker-visits-elderlyThere are some countries that have an overflow of nurses like the Philippines, but it seems the future is not all that doom and gloom as the need for nurses and other medical professionals increase with the demand of elderly health care. There has been some demand in the changes in the training as medical education policies are seen to be placed back in the drawing board for review. This review includes the focus on the quality of training given to these medical workers to ensure that they can take care of the elderly needs. (more…)