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With healthcare growing rapidly, more medical practices are relying on medical transcriptionists to accurately record and check for errors on patients’ medical documentation.

Medical transcriptionists listen to recorded dictations made by physicians and other care givers and translate them into written documents. These documents become part of official patient medical records. While seemingly simple, the medical transcriptionist is important to the operation of a clinic. The documents produced by medical transcriptionists provide vital information to other health care professionals, technologists, administrators, researchers and even law enforcement. For this reason, it’s important that medical transcriptionists are properly trained. Experienced medical transcriptionists can work quickly but accurately, and edit their transcriptions for clarity while keeping vital information intact.

About Medical Transcription at Ashworth College

The medical transcription program at Ashworth College is is designed to make medical transcription students competitive in the medical transcription job market. This comprehensive program covers basic medical procedures and terminology, a study of the human body, how diseases are diagnosed and treated, as well as real-world transcription practice. Graduates of the Ashworth College medical transcription program are prepared for a flexible and rewarding position as qualified medical transcriptionists.

Ashworth College Admission Requirements

There are no educational or experience prerequisites for career courses at Ashworth College.

Ashworth College Accreditation

Ashworth College is an Accredited Member of the Distance Education and Training Council. The Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council is listed by the U.S. Department of Education as a globally recognized accrediting agency, for online learning schools and distance education.

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