The Need of Medical Workers Increase as Elderly Health Care Rise

social-worker-visits-elderlyThere are some countries that have an overflow of nurses like the Philippines, but it seems the future is not all that doom and gloom as the need for nurses and other medical professionals increase with the demand of elderly health care. There has been some demand in the changes in the training as medical education policies are seen to be placed back in the drawing board for review. This review includes the focus on the quality of training given to these medical workers to ensure that they can take care of the elderly needs. According to in an article titled: Urgent Changes Needed to Prepare Doctors to Care for Aging America, medical training policies are reviewed for the increase of the quality of training the doctors have. But what are these changes in particular? Still according to the article: “To ensure a better trained physician workforce as the demand for geriatric care swells and the number of geriatric specialists shrinks, policy options proposed by the authors include: ·Increasing funding for geriatrics in medical schools ·    Leveraging Medicare’s educational subsidy to strengthen geriatrics in residency and fellowship programs ·    Requiring practicing physicians to complete geriatric continuing education credits in order to maintain their state licensures and Medicaid provider certifications”. This alert has been conducted with the aging population of the baby boomers. With some studies show that most of the population that require health care are mostly from this generation. The haste in reforms to medical trainings directed to the needs of the aging population may say about the future of the medical workers and the population as well. As there are more jobs in the industry, it also means the populous who are reaching in the late parts of their life would want to seek the doctor’s help for healthy years ahead. Reference: