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How to Become a Medical Transcriptionist

Becoming a medical transcriptionist can be a rewarding experience if the type of work involved in medical transcription interests you. Those who are interested in healthcare, computers, communication or English may find the career engaging, especially since advancements in speech recognition technology (SRT) add a tecnology aspect to the occupation as well.

The steps outlined below can help you on your way to becoming a medical transcriptionist.

1. Enroll in a Formal Medical Transcription Training Program

Since the best career advantages in medical transcription go to the best educated, locating a good school is the most important step to becoming a medical transcriptionist. Your options may include:

There are also many online training programs for students who cannot attend a classroom due to family commitments, military duty or other time constraints.

2. Begin your Medical Transcription Externship

Externships often come along as part of the training regimen for medical transcriptionists. Externships provide firsthand experience and education simultaneously, as well as future career connections, making them an enriching experience for medical transcription students.

If your program does not include an externship, don’t worry, they are not required for employment.

3. Become Certified

Pursuing professional certification from the Association for Healthcare Documentation (AHDI) is another optional but wise step for a medical transcription graduate, as employers increasingly prefer to hire MTs who have been certified.

The AHDI offers two certifications:

The CMT certification is for more experienced transcriptionists, but recent school graduates are encouraged to pursue the RMT certification. After becoming a certified medical transcriptionist, your job possibilities can expand greatly. Continuing education is a requirement to maintain certification.

4. Become Employed

So you have completed all of the above steps and are now ready to become a medical transcriptionist. Even if you did not complete the optional steps above, many medical transcription school graduates have the skills to become medical transcriptionists immediately after graduating. If this is the case, finding a job is the only thing standing between you and a successful medical transcription career.

Good luck!

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