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Medical Transcription Correspondence Schools

Learn at your own pace, in your own way, by attending medical transcription correspondence schools. These medical transcription schools allow you to learn the basic medical transcriptionist job skills from home, but don’t require you to have your own computer or internet connection. At medical transcription correspondence schools, your learning style and needs are fully considered.

This page can direct you to some great correspondence schools and provide you with information to help you decide if a correspondence program is right for you.

Correspondence-Based Medical Transcription Schools

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How Medical Transcription Correspondence Schools Work

Not everyone is comfortable with online medical transcription training programs. Despite its many benefits, online learning is far from ideal for some people. That is why many medical transcription schools, including those listed on this page, still offer correspondence learning for their students.

Once you enroll in one of these medical transcription correspondence schools, all you need is a pencil and access to a post office in order to receive, complete, and send back your assignments. If you’ve been waiting to upgrade an old computer or just don’t want to spend more time of your day staring into a monitor, medical transcription correspondence schools might be the best option for you. These fully accredited schools offer the medical transcription training you need to excel in the medical transcriptionist field, while working to fit your life style and education needs.

As the American population continues to live longer and require more medical care, doctors are in need of efficient and reliable methods for taking down their verbal patient assessments. This is why the US Government expects the demand for quality medical transcriptionists to continue to rise over the next ten years. The most recent annual mean medical transcription salary is roughly $34,050 or $16.37 an hour depending on your work situation.

While most medical transcriptionists work for a doctor’s office, that doesn’t always mean that they work in a doctor’s office. Many perform medical transcription from home either through a telecommuting arrangement or on a freelance basis. This means once you finish your education at one of the medical transcription correspondence schools you can continue working from home – a perfect scenario for someone with small children or another job. Keep in mind, unlike medical transcription correspondence schools, most likely your job will be done on a computer.

Benefits of Medical Transcription Correspondence Schools

There are several great reasons to attend a medical transcription correspondence school, a few of which include:

  • Flexible schedule where you can set your own hours
  • The ability to stay home and spend time with your kids
  • Possibility of time to work another job

Regardless of which learning option you choose, the medical transcription correspondence schools listed below can put you on the right track towards the career you desire. Get connected with the medical transcription correspondence school of your choice and enjoy an education that makes you feel right at home.

(Figures courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment & Wages database.)

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