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Medical Transcription Degree Programs

There are a few different medical transcription degree options when it comes to enrolling in a formal training program. There is no specific degree required to become a medical transcriptionist, however certain medical transcription degrees will afford better opportunities and higher pay.

It’s best to do some research into the kind of medical transcription career you want. This will help you know which medical transcription degree program is right for you.

Different Types of Medical Transcription Degree

Besides certificate programs, the degree type most sought by medical transcription students is associate’s degrees programs. AS degrees take around two years and cover foundational and basic practice knowledge. Four-year bachelor’s degree programs exist as well, but are less common.

Associate’s Degree Programs

Among associate’s degrees, degrees in medical transcription are the most common for medical transcriptionists. The AS degree in medical transcription is offered by reputable schools nationwide. This type of medical transcription degree program can be taken through an online medical transcription school or through a traditional, campus-based school.

Other associate’s degrees can lead to a career in medical transcription as well, including associate’s degrees in health services, health IT, and other technical areas of healthcare. The most reputable programs are accredited by the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI).

Medical transcription degree programs at the associate’s level cover coursework ranging from foundational healthcare, science and language classes to hands-on medical transcription practice and equipment use, and even business classes. For example, some associate’s-level medical transcription courses offered at the University of Cincinnati include:

  • English Composition
  • Business English
  • Business Communications
  • Medical Terminology
  • Business Math
  • Medical Transcription Practices
  • Medical Office Ethics

Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Some medical transcriptionists choose to pursue a bachelor’s degree in medical transcription, though this is relatively rare.

These programs usually take around four years, but medical transcriptionists with associate’s degrees may re-apply their credentials to a bachelor’s degree program and only go back to school for an additional two years. Those who choose to pursue medical transcription bachelor’s degrees typically do so in hopes of finding better job opportunities with higher salaries.

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