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Medical transcription jobs generally require some kind of experience or training. Most employers for medical transcriptionist jobs require employees to have graduated from a formal medical transcriptionist training program at an established medical transcription school. Further, employers prefer that medical transcriptionists be certified, which requires that their training program be accredited by the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI). As you can see, the field of medical transcription can be just as competitive for employment as other fields.

However, there are resources you can use to stand the best chance at landing a medical transcription job. Many medical transcription schools and training programs offer some form of job-placement program to help you find medical transcriptionist jobs. Most medical transcription schools help students gain internships upon graduation. Additionally, many medical transcription companies recruit for jobs directly from certain schools. The right medical transcription school can give you the right edge while searching for medical transcription jobs.

Qualifications for Medical Transcription Jobs

Medical transcription jobs require a fairly specific skill set, which means job competition mostly takes place in the area of skill level. Medical transcription training programs provide a basic level of skill for most medical transcription jobs, including typing, organization, and medical terminology. However, medical transcription companies are looking for workers who are more advanced, or who are willing to go the extra mile for their medical transcriptionist jobs.

In order to be noticed by the medical transcription jobs you are applying for, there are several steps you can take:

  • Partake in continuing education. Beyond your medical transcription degree, you can further your education with post graduate courses.
  • Become certified. The Association for Healthcare Documentation (AHDI) offers the most well known medical transcription certifications.
  • Relocate to an area of lower competition or higher demand. Though this is not possible for everyone, relocating to areas with older populations tends to result in higher demand for medical transcriptionist jobs due to increased demand for healthcare services.

Taking steps to become more competitive in the job market will help you appear more valuable to employers, which could result in a higher medical transcriptionist salary and opportunities for other medical transcriptionist jobs.

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Medical Transcriptionist Job Outlook

Despite the recent recession, medical transcription jobs have not been significantly hurt. The healthcare industry continues to grow, and medical transcriptionists are continually needed.

As technology advances, so do medical transcription jobs. Traditionally, medical transcriptionists listen to physician recordings and transcribe to typed documents. Today, there are programs that can transcribe what the physician is saying. However, medical transcriptionists are still needed to check reports for accuracy and make corrections.

With the proper training and education, you will be able to stand out in the medical transcription job market. Good luck in your future career.