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Medical Transcription Schools

In today’s healthcare industry, employers are seeking medical transcriptionists who have received formal training at one of the nation’s accredited medical transcription schools. The duties of medical transcriptionists are closely tied to subjects like medical terminology, abbreviations, common medical knowledge and various medical procedures, and a general understanding of those topics is beneficial to fully understand the notes being transcribed.

Medical transcriptionists also use specialized equipment including a stenographer’s keyboard, earpiece and foot pedal. Formal training with these is increasingly preferred by employers, along with well-honed typing skills.

Medical transcription training programs are designed to provide students with the education and resources they need to excel as professional medical transcriptionists, including:

  • Medical Background Knowledge
  • Equipment Familiarity
  • Typing and Transcription Skills
  • General Business Skills

In addition, formal training can help graduates secure a higher salary than transcriptionists who have had no formal training.

Medical Transcription Program Curriculum

Students of medical transcriptionist schools undergo foundational training in material such as basic American English grammar, medical terminology, human anatomy and physiology, and other basic medical courses. They also learn concepts behind common medical procedures in order to better comprehend what the physician is documenting. Finally, medical transcriptionists learn equipment fundamentals such as how to use various keyboards and how to control a recording using a foot pedal, as well as common business skills that apply to running an independent transcription business.

For example, the medical transcription correspondence course at US Career Institute includes training in:

  • English Grammar
  • Medical Terminology
  • Anatomy
  • Cell Anatomy
  • Human Diseases
  • Medical Documentation
  • Transcription
  • Body Systems
  • Pediatrics
  • Healthcare Records
  • Electronic Security

Medical transcription schools offer this training through credential programs including certificate programs, diploma programs, and associate degree programs. The type of program you enroll in will depend on your career goals, timeline and resources.

Here is a quick breakdown of these program types:

Program Length Previous Degree Needed Relative Cost Advancement Potential
Associate’s Degree ~ 2 yrs No Higher More
Certificate 9-12 mos Yes Lower Less
Diploma 6-12 mos No Lower Less

For students who are not able to regularly attend school in a classroom setting, online medical transcription programs offer scheduling flexibility that is ideal for working parents or members of the military.

Most schools can also prepare you for voluntary medical transcription certification upon graduation if you choose to pursue it.

Choosing the Right School

In order to decide which medical transcription school is right for you, it is important to explore the programs available in your area. Most schools offer services such as:

  • Financial Aid
  • Scholarship Opportunities
  • Job and Career Assistance
  • On-Campus Library, Book Store, and Other Facilities

Additionally, most credible schools are nationally, regionally, or professionally accredited by an organization such as the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI). Investigate the medical transcription schools in your area to see which programs provide the best learning situation for you. If possible, it is best to obtain program details from two to three schools before making a decision.

The list below contains medical transcription schools currently enrolling new students nationwide. If none are available in your area, you may try using one of the zip code search boxes located throughout the site, or try broadening your search using our complete school database.

Other Medical Transcription Programs

These other reputable programs may or may not be currently enrolling.

US Career Institute
Medical Transcriptionist

University of California Riverside Extension
Medical Transcription Editor

Medical Technology Education Center
NexGen Speech Recognition Editing and Medical Transcription

Medical Technology Education Center
JumpStart Clinical Documentation Editing

Gateway Community College
Medical Transcription
Certificate, Associate’s Degree
Phoenix, AZ

Med-Line School
Advanced Medical Transcription

Blackstone Career Institute
Medical Transcription Fundamentals

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