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Massachusetts Medical Transcription Training and Schools

Medical transcription schools in Massachusetts are designed to provide career-oriented education for those seeking to become medical transcriptionists in the state of Massachusetts. These schools prepare students with classes surrounding the medical transcriptionist job description, including hands-on medical transcription work, as well as clinical background knowledge. Massachusetts medical transcription schools can help you compete in the medical transcription job market and can help with medical transcription certification.

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About Medical Transcription Careers in Massachusetts

Medical transcription is the kind of career that can be pursued in an office or from the comfort of your home – especially now in the digital age. The premise is simple: Health care practitioners dictate medical information, and the transcriptionist creates letters, medical records and reports from the recorded information. This is why more potential students want to enroll in a medical transcription school in Massachusetts. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical transcriptionists in Massachusetts earn hourly rates averaging over $20. When added up this means that the average annual salary for Massachusetts medical transcriptionists is about $41,210.

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