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About Medical Transcription Careers in North Carolina

If you are interested in pursuing a career in Medical Transcription you should consider earning a degree or certificate from a medical transcription school in North Carolina. Medical Transcription jobs are becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that upon graduation many of the job opportunities are actually home based and working from home have never been more popular then it is today. Every state offers up a fair share of schools that offer this degree – that being said, North Carolina is a great place to serve as your home base for pursuing a career in Medical Transcription. The average annual salary for a medical transcriptionist in North Carolina is over $33,000. (Figures courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment & Wages database.)

Financial Aid

Each and every school offers some sort of financial aid, it just depends on what schools interest you as to what kind of aid will be made available. Most of the schools offer the Pell Grant as well as Stafford Student Loans. There are also several different private loans to choose from, i.e Sallie Mae but these private loans give very little leeway when it comes to payback and interest rate consolidation. If at all possible try to stay away from private loans. To see what is available to you or what you qualify for you need to complete the “Free Application for Federal Student Aid” (FAFSA), with the Department of Education. Interested in exploring correspondence or online medical transcription school options?

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